No less than the trees and the stars?

‘You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars’ Desiderata 


This blog will be a collage of thoughts, art, and musings on the relationship between humans and nature. If indeed there is a relationship at all – are we one and the same, or separate entities, interacting in increasingly more conflictual ways? This puzzle has been at the forefront of my mind for a long time, and I thought it was perhaps time to explore it.

Why is this important? Our epoch has been declared the Anthropocene – humans are now ‘officially’ altering the earth’s system processes. But will this ‘distancing’ ourselves from nature also provide solutions to the environmental challenges we face? Perhaps –  we may be separate – stewards? Or maybe we should recognise more our affinity and immersement in nature, to ultimately feel Mother Nature’s pain as our pain? How do we go about doing this? Or maybe a mix of the two is the best way forward?

Are there other advantages of recognising ourselves in nature? Spirituality, mental health and even interactions between people may be improved in some ways… but might  emphasising our differences with nature benefit them in other ways?

This question of this relationship will be at the centre of posts. Comments and thoughts are very welcome!


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